Pricing Packages


from: $200

Up to 1.5 hours
Two Locations
2 Outfit Changes
25 Edited Images
Online Gallery
(options to purchase more photos)



Up to 1 hour
One Location
15 Edited Images
Online Gallery
(option to purchase more photos)



Up to 45 mins
One Location
10 Edited Images
Online Gallery
(options to purchase more photos)

Special Events

Prices May Vary

Please contact me for prices as well as any additional information.


What is your turn around time?

Within 2-3 weeks from your session sometimes less depending on the season we shoot.
You can expect to receive an online gallery link with all of your photos and choose your favorites from them.

When/ How do I pay?

A 50% non-refundable deposit (based on which package is picked). To secure your booking within 24 hours from creating your package, the remainder is then due 3 days before our session.
Payments can be received through Cashapp or Zelle.

Can I put my own filters on your photos?

No. Sorry you cannot put your own filters on images you receive as this reflects on my work that I spend hours creating just for you.

Where are you loacted?

My sessions are held in Colorado Springs, CO. If you wish to have somethings outside of Colorado Springs please contact me for more information.

How many pictures will we receive?

I show my clients all the good photos from their session in a gallery. From there you can choose your favorites that corresponds with your package or have the option to purchase more.

What happens in inclement weather?

Because I only shoot outdoors right now, I am regularly watching the weather and keeping close tabs on anything that could impact your session. But, despite my best efforts, I can't change a less-than-ideal forecast. If I see there is a chance of weather impacting our upcoming session, I will reach out to you a few days beforehand and offer for us to play it by ear or reschedule altogether, if we can both accommodate. I'd rather you have the ability to plan ahead rather than stress the Colorado weather. Also, due to the nature of the equipment I bring, I cannot shoot in even a little bit of rain. If we encounter any amount of rain during our session, we will have to stop and reschedule. If you can not reschedule the non-refundable deposit still applies.

How should we dress for our session?

COLORS: In terms of color choices, I usually suggest thinking about the decor colors in the rooms in which you plan to display your photos and work from there. Patterns are wonderful. But try to strategize them so one subject wears the bolder pattern, and other subjects wear solid colors pulled from the bolder pattern. Adding textures in solid, complementary colors adds interest and can make your portrait extra special. Pinterest is a great resource for choosing family outfits. Just search “family photo outfits.”

CONSIDER WEATHER: Consider the weather for our session in your clothing choices, especially for kids. If it’s likely to be cold and their “cute” outfit isn’t warm enough to keep them comfortable, taking away warm jacket to reveal their outfit can leave them miserable and uncooperative for shots. Consider planning on cute warmer clothes like sweaters, dressy jackets, etc that can be photographed.

AVOID LOGOS: It’s a good idea to stay away from printed words or logos on clothing as they don’t photograph well.

GLASSES: For the day of the session, transitions-style glasses can be a problem because they transition to sunglass mode while outdoors at sunset. If you like the look of yourself or your subjects with glasses on, try to wear a pair that is not transitions-style or consider taking them off altogether for the photos. Anti-glare coated glasses are the best type because glare can make it impossible to see a subject's eyes properly outdoors.

WEARABLE TECH: If you don’t like the look of your smartwatch or other wearable technology in your portrait, please don’t wear them to your session.

EMPTY POCKETS: Try to keep your pockets empty during our session because lumpy pockets seem accentuated in portraits. I bring a rolling cart for my gear and am happy to wheel your items along with me as we go around the location. But if you’re more comfortable leaving these items in your locked car or at home, please plan accordingly.

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